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Desk base layout

24 Feb

I took a couple of shots of the walnut boards that Earl has laid out in his shop to make the base of the Dimidiated Orbicular Desk. Some of my favorite times in Earl’s shop are when I go out and see the elaborate process of him building his furniture — for example these boards, the paper template taped underneath them, his chalk, pencils, level, scissors, the chalk notes on the boards — all that stuff. It’s an artistic profession but also time consuming and mathematically difficult as evidenced in the work that goes into each piece.


Glue up this morning in the Shop

22 Feb

Went out to the woodpile this cold and windy Feb morning — happened to go in the shop — and saw the glue-up that Earl has going. (That he was awake until 3 a.m. doing!) I thought it looked really interesting, almost like he’s building some sort of robotic device or something?!? He’s actually gluing up the zebrawood slats for the Split Chair that we’ll bring to the NY show at the end of March. Here’s a couple of pictures of what I saw. Note the fire in the background — he’s gotta keep it warm for the glue to hold — so he has to get up during the night to keep the fire going!

Updated website!

15 Feb

Check out the updated mobilized website –

Great article about Earl

8 Feb

Check out the link —

Architectural Digest Home Design Show — exhibitor listing!

1 Feb

The updated Arch Digest 2012 exhibitor list – click on “E” to see Earl’s page and pieces!